In the municipalities and especially in the Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi there are wonderful nature trails, which can be followed by mountain bike. Nevertheless we also show routes, on state and provincial roads, to discover the beautiful Marche countryside and stop for seeing the beauty of each town.

This itinerary starts from Fabriano east, then at the roundabout take the third exit on the old SS76 an immediately turn right onto the road of Serre to reach Cerreto d’Esi after 7 Km. The road SP46 is through this town and after 10 km you will reach the center of Matelica. After the stop in Matelica, you return into the same road to Cerreto d’Esi where starts the road SP256 that crosses Borgo Tufico, then Camponoceccio (junction for Frasassi Caves), Falcioni and through the gorge “Gola della Rossa”. After 6,5 km you will reach Serra S. Quirico station and in Angeli turn onto road SP40 to go up the hills to Rosora. The trip continue on the road SP9 to Mergo.

Then you must come back on the road SP76 through Forchiusa and return in Serra San Quirico Stazione to come up to the ancient and charming town center of the Park Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi. Here, after a stop at the ancient walls, you go towards the Castle of Avacelli and turn on the road SP44 towards Castello di Castiglioni until Osteria to follow SP11, then SP 360 and finally the 19 to get to Castelleone di Suasa where is located the Archeological Park “Città Romana di Suasa”.

The route continues towards Ripalta and then to the Castle Piticchio and after 17 km on the road SP360 you get in Arcevia, the ancient Roccacontrada. Continue on the road SP15 and the SP360 to Sassoferrato along another 13 km. Finally, passing through Aia Cupa and Nebbiano, after 15 km you return in Fabriano.

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