This route starts from Arcevia where is a farm that produces organic products as well as  pasta, polenta and other products made with the corn of Roccacontrada. Also Monterosso in Sassoferrato produces organic products. In this area of the Province of Ancona there are countless events related to the typicalness and we recommend to visit, in late summer, the festival of wine and grapes in Arcevia, Cupramontana and Cerreto d’Esi and in autumn in Rosora the festival of  Sapa (concentrated must after prolonged boiling, used as a flavoring or sweetener). In Mergo there is the festival of San Martí all’Angeli, and in Serra S. Quirico the Festival of the must biscuit and wine. The Prince of local production, however, is the Verdicchio wine in its two variants: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, which can be found in countless cellars and the Verdicchio di Matelica. In the beautiful historical center of Matelica there is the wine shop where in addition to wine, the tourist can discover typical of all kinds. Moving in Fabriano you can discover the famous “Salame di Fabriano” whose origins are lost in time. In 1881 Giuseppe Garibaldi wrote to his friend Bigonzetti to thank him for this product receive as a gift. It is provided as a consortium for its production and protection also promoted by the site. In the historic center of Fabriano is still available provided a case of typical products of the territory.

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