On the roads of faith 1: Fabriano, Cerreto d’Esi, Matelica, Serra San Quirico 

In the territory of the Papal States, there are many ways of faith, from the traces of the holy men who built ancient abbeys, monasteries and shrines filled with large and small signs of popular devotion. Coming from the way from Rome, in the territory of Fabriano, you find  the abbeys  of St. Biagio in Caprile Campodonico, then the Hermitage of St. Maria in Val di Sasso, the Abbey of Valdicastro and the ruins of the hermitage Grottafucile place to guard the Gola della Rossa gorge, the first seat of San Silvestro who then built the majestic Hermitage in Monte Fano. But the city offers many other treasures visible in the churches of San Venanzio, St. Nicolò, St. Luca, SS. Biagio and Romualdo. In Cerreto d’Esi, the Abbey dell’Acquarella, is surrounded by the Natural Park and is a place of pilgrimage. Arriving in Matelica, visit the Museum of Piersanti, with important works collected by Bishop Venanzio Piersanti and S. Maria de Rotis in the village of Braccano. Then follow the river Esino you reach Serra San Quirico where it meets the ancient Abbey of St. Elena, and then, going to the village, you can admire the splendid baroque church of Saint Lucia.

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