On the roads of faith 2: Genga, Sassoferrato, Arcevia, Castelleone di Suasa

The town of Genga, the homeland of Pope Leo XII, not only has the famous Frasassi caves but also remarkable excellence related to spirituality.

Very important is the ancient Abbey of St. Victor of the delle Chiuse, then, within the Frasassi Gorge, close to the nests of eagles, by the entrance to the cave of the Blessed Virgin, the Temple of Valadier (photo shown on the cover) is displayed in all its beauty and its religiosity in a breathtaking setting. Coming then to the Castle of Genga, in the Museum of the Territory, you will discover important works, vestments and ciborium already owned by the local Pope.
Continuing in Sassoferrato is the Abbey of Santa Croce dei Conti Abbey, the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, the Church of St. Francis and the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Cerro. Towards Arcevia is a must visit to Sant’Ansovino of Avacelli, ancient rural church with decorative elements typically Templars, but also the Abbey Madonna delle Grazie and especially the Collegiate Church of St. Medard and its art treasures.
The route runs again until Castelleone Suasa, already known for the important Roman finds, where is a must to visit the Parish Church of SS. Peter and Paul.

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