Free climbing

The Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi boasts beautiful rocky walls where you can practice climbing in its beautiful gorges and in Castelletta of Fabriano in the southern slope of Mount Revellone.

Upon application to Europarc for the important recognition of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, the main action has kicked off a project for the promotion of sport climbing and alpinism proposed by intersectional School of Mountaineering and rock climbing “The Phoenix”, CAI section of Ancona, Jesi Fabriano and Pesaro.

The members of the school have used examples of Italian municipalities getting great results useful for the growth of tourism in their own territory.

Given the beauty of this sporting heritage will be expanded sites for climbing, creating events for the enhancement of the existing in the Gorge of the Park and in the Rock Gym, involving prominent figures of the sport to get to the transformation of a niche tourism restricted to a few close friends in a popular meeting place for the many fans.


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