Castelleone di Suasa, Arcevia, Sassoferrato, Fabriano, Matelica

The territory of Colli Esini is full of sites and artefacts of archaeological interest.

The route to the discovery of ancient history start from Castelleone Suasa and the archaeological park of the Roman city of Suasa. Here are the domus of Coiedii, the Forum of the city and the amphitheater. The Archaeological Museum contains finds of great value. The journey continues on to Arcevia at the State Archaeological Museum.
The museum exhibits artifacts from the upper Palaeolithic lithic industry, the materials of the famous moat of Conelle dating Eneolithic. The last part of the exhibition is dedicated to beautiful funerary objects visible in the museum of Arcevia. In Sassoferrato is located the Sentinum Park, considered one of the most important archaeological sites of the Marche Region. In 295 BC here took place the so-called “Battle of the Nations”, in which the Romans defeated the coalition of the Gauls, Samnites, Etruscans and Umbrians.

The route continues to Fabriano, near which is the archaeological site of Attidium with evidence pointing to the late Neolithic, and then get to the ancient Matelica, which includes a very richheritage  part of which preserved in the Museum.

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