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TUR 2 Project * wants to increase the value of the territory of Esini Frasassi Hills as the destination of a journey to discover unspoilt areas aiming at satisfying the request of those tourists who love and appreciate nature and landscape, wine and food, high-quality products, and also seek genuine places of culture and spirituality. Esini Frasassi Hills want to be a destination where rurality is its main attraction.

By promoting new and more creative economic activities and tourism services, through integrated communications, TUR 2 aims at best developing the value of cultural and territorial heritage of Esini Frasassi Hills: thus, the idea of rurality becomes a pole of attraction to ​​sustainable development; it stimulates local identities and promotes exchange of good practices and values ​​among the excellent qualities of the area, through activities that would link the many tourist options.

From the eco-museum activities designed to understand how the local population perceives and appreciates its territory, crossing the theatrical language – to shape a communication between different experiences, ages and backgrounds – leading to the implementation of a festival dedicated to contemporary art as a tool to change the urban landscape but also the social one, the tourist offer of Esini Frasassi Hills is perfectly integrated in a natural setting of excellence.

The key words that express our commitment and our prospects are: Nature, Culture, Taste, three expressions that are intended to tell the most of a green, alive, and vibrant territory.

* The project TUR 2 – “Promotion of the territory, and of the typical aspects and tourism of Esini Hills in the Web2.0 era,” is co-funded by Gal Colli Esini S. Vicino through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and supported by a broad partnership with the Mountain Community of Esino Frasassi in the lead role.

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